Rules for invited sessions

Invited sessions are (parallel) sessions about a topic or problema of interest within the scope of the Conference/Days. An invited session is organized by its organizer, who will be responsable for calling and looking for participants in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. The organizer of the session should be a SEIO member. The deadline to submit the proposal is from March 1 to March 31, 2023.
  2. Each invited session should include four to five oral presentations with different speakers, and coming for at least three different institutions.
  3. A researcher can only propose an invited session. Eventually, a session can be organized by two researchers, but none of them can organize another session.
  4. Speakers of an invited session should be registered in the Conference not later than June 21th, 2023. Otherwise, those registering later will be included in another parallel session.
  5. The organizer of an invited session is assumed to chair it, as well as to determine the ordering for the presentations.
  6. Whenever there is a speaker in an invited session who do not speak Spanish, the presentations in the session can be either totally or partially delivered in English.
  7. A proposal should include a title and the list of authors and tentative titles of presentations in it.
  8. The Scientific Committee of the Conference will be in charge of the approval of the invited sessions.
  9. Once the invited session has been approved, each speaker must register and submit their own work by the general procedure through the Private Area
  10. Proposals will be sent through the congress website, from the proponent's account (opened after pre-registration) through the Send invited session proposal menu.

Propose a guest session
(you must register first)

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