All classrooms are equipped with computers that have PDF and Powerpoint file readers. If the presentation requires different software, the presenter will use his or her own laptop. It is recommended to prepare the presentations in PDF or Powerpoint format, carry them on a device with a USB port, and use the classroom computer.


Speakers can find the location of the corresponding classroom through the plans provided (available on the website).

The duration of the sessions is a multiple of 20 minutes. For example, in an 80-minute session with 4 presentations, it is recommended to prepare 15-17 minute presentations. This will allow time for questions and transitions between presentations.

If in an 80-minute session the number of presentations is less than 4, it is advisable to divide the 80 minutes among the number of speakers, leaving 3-5 minutes for questions and transitions. In any case, the moderator decides the allocation of additional presentation times.

The distribution of presentation times in the invited sessions organized by the SEIO working groups will be made by the moderators of the sessions, following the guidelines of the group coordinator. In any case, the minimum presentation time of 20 minutes will be respected ( questions included).

In consecutive sessions, it is recommended to arrive before the first session to enter the work on the classroom computer.

All congress attendees will have a username and password to connect to the Wi-Fi at the congress venues.


The session moderators will ensure compliance with the start and end times of the sessions, and will ensure that the presentations follow the order established in the official program.

If a speaker is missing, the official schedule must be respected to facilitate the jump between sessions. The moderators will inform the conference organizers of any absences or any other abnormal circumstances.

If the moderator is missing in a session, the first speaker will act as moderator. The moderators will check that the speakers' presentations are saved on the computer, and will inform the speakers when their presentation time is running out (5 minutes and 1 minute).

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