The purpose of this communication is the application of the North American Actuaries Climate Index (ACI) to Iberian Peninsula data. The ACI measures climate extremes and provides in North America a useful climate change monitoring tool for insurance companies, actuaries, and public policymakers. We calculate the Iberian ACI (IACI) using data from the ERA5-Land reanalysis dataset. Unlike the Actuaries Climate Index, we calculate a high-resolution index with a horizontal resolution of 0.1°×0.1° per grid (about 123,5 km2 ). We make comparisons between the Iberian and North American cases, component by component, and also in the whole ACI index. We show how the IACI could reflect well the climate change of the Iberian Peninsula through successive years. We run also the high-resolution IACI index showing the evolution of each grid by seasons through the years.

Keywords: Actuaries Climate Index, extreme weather risks, climate change


Operations Research Methods and Aplications
November 7, 2023  6:40 PM
HC1: Canónigos Room 1

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