J. Camacho Moro, M. J. Cánovas Cánovas, M. A. López Cerdá, J. Parra López

The motivation of this study can be traced back to the seminal work by Dontchev, Lewis, and Rockafellar
(2003) on the radius of metric regularity. In the context of finite linear inequality systems under data perturbations, the unstable continuity behavoir of the (always finite) metric subregularity modulus clashes with the one exhibited by the metric regularity. This fact leads us to consider two new variational properties: robust and continuous metric subregularity. Both of them are characterized in a first step, while the radius paradigm is addressed in a second one. A computable formula is obtained for the radius of robust metric subregularity and some insights on the radius of continuous metric subregularity are provided.

Keywords: Radius of metric subregularity, Linear inequality systems, Calmness, Feasible set mapping


Ramiro Melendreras Award I
November 7, 2023  11:40 AM
CC4: Room 2

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