F. Martos-Barrachina, L. Delgado-Antequera, M. Hernández, R. Caballero

The current western diet is filled with an excessive amount of processed foods from the industrial age. In this work, we address the Menu Planning Problem for an individual or a group, finding efficient solutions that are healthy and reliable while handling different objectives: minimizing cost and environmental impact and maximizing palatability. In order to obtain efficient solutions, we use different heuristic strategies to optimize the Wierzbicky achievement function of a model with nutritional, cultural, and economic constraints. There is an inherent trade-off between cost and environmental impact, highlighting the importance of considering multiple criteria when making menu planning decisions. Our method provides a valuable tool for menu planners, enabling them to explore the feasible region and find Pareto-efficient solutions that satisfy individual preferences and system constraints.

Keywords: Combinatorial Optimization, Menu Planning Problem, Sustainability


Integer and Combinatorial Optimization
November 7, 2023  3:30 PM
HC1: Canónigos Room 1

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