C. Jiménez Piqueras, D. Pacino, C. Parreño Torres, R. Álvarez Valdés

Solving the container premarshalling problem helps to speed up the loading and unloading of vessels, increasing the efficiency of port terminals. It has been widely studied in the literature, but considering several assumptions that limit its implementation in practice. The classical version neglects crane availability constraints which terminal operators cannot avoid. We study a novel premarshalling variant dealing with these crane limitations. The original problem looks for the minimum number of crane movements to rearrange a set of container stacks so that afterwards the crane can retrieve the containers in the required order without additional relocations. The version we propose measures the crane time, providing a partial premarshalling solution when the period the crane is available is not enough for completing a total rearrangement of the bay. Assessing the quality of partial solutions is a challenging task. We tackle this question and explore several exact solution methods.

Keywords: Logistics; premarshalling problem; container terminal optimization; combinatorial optimization


Integer and Combinatorial Optimization
November 7, 2023  3:30 PM
HC1: Canónigos Room 1

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